Brother Elsey

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Brother Elsey

Wednesday - Oct 25, 2023 7:30PM

Tickets: $10

We are excited to have Brother Elsey play Callaghans for the first time, this will be an awesome show!

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Pre-Order: $10

Day of Show: $15

Brother Elsey has paid its dues as a touring Midwest band, crisscrossing the region over the years with its harmony-laden, rock-infused Americana music that's cultivated an ever-growing audience of fans.

If we didn't start a band together, it would've been kind of a disgrace to the circumstance, proclaims Brady Stablein, singer/songwriter/guitarist for Brother Elsey the Nashville-based, Detroit-born group he formed with his older brother Jack Stablein (guitar/vocals) and twin brother Beau Stablein (bass/vocals).

Big believers in listening to the universe when it's pointing you in a certain direction, the Stablein brothers always knew they were meant to make music together. After meeting drummer Dalton Thomas on their first day at the Detroit Institute of Music Education and making him a permanent fixture in the group, they moved to Grand Rapids in 2018 to explore new territory physically, personally, and sonically. There, they quickly became a fixture of the local scene, playing the biggest shows of their career up to that point and further developing their arena-ready roots rock sound that's at once hard-wearing and enthrallingly vulnerable.

Searching for a wider network of creatives and a larger pool of opportunities, the group decided to migrate South to Nashville in the final days of 2021, leaving behind a dedicated audience and a built-in safety net in Grand Rapids.

Their heartland work ethic undoubtedly comes across in their music, as equal parts unpretentious and emotionally astute. The primary lyricist and lead singer Brady channels a mindset of honesty and sincerity into the band's songs.

He crafts imagery-heavy stories about the human experience that are grounded in a specific sense of time and place while somehow concurrently feeling timeless and the Brothers drive these stories home with soaring blood harmonies that that hearken back to Crosby, Stills and Nash.

Later this fall, Brother Elsey will make their film debut in Dandelion from IFC Films, directed by Nicole Riegel with music written by Bryce and Aaron Dessner. In the movie, they will play themselves opposite KiKi Layne and Thomas Doherty