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The Birmingham based band Telluride formed in 1977. Telluride's first album, "Telluride," was released at Christmas time in 1980. "'Birmingham Tonight' became the most-requested song immediately.

In 1985, Telluride was selected one of the top three bands in the country by the Miller Brewing Company. That led to a contract with RCA records.In 1985 Telluride made the Billboard singles' chart.'

Breaking Away' was the name of the song, and Billboard said it was Alabama's answer to Bob Seger. It got up to number 77.

Given this history you'd expect Tellurides legacy to be concrete, unfortunately thats not the case - in 2006 a Nashville based band changed their name to TelluRide and began marketing themselves and collecting a fanbase under the name - in a time of technological music revolution it is a lot easier for a band to rise to success using a grass roots business model - rick carter and telluride practically created it taking cues from bands like the Allman bros and the dead - the catch 22 to this revolution is that older bands that were considered to be left for dead maybe overlooked and taken advantage of by the swiftness of a younger generations tools, i.e. the internet - this page is a call to arms to help rick and the boys maintain the musical history and legacy as one of Alabama finest group of musicians!