Oh, Jeremiah

Oh, Jeremiah

Sunday - Oct 10, 2021 7:00PM

Cover: $12

What started as a solo-folk dream in the mind of Mississippi native Jeremiah Stricklin soon transformed into a story worth telling when Alabamas Erin Raber stepped on a stage in her Mardi Gras dress and said I do. Ever since, husband and wife duo Oh Jeremiah have been telling timeless stories from stages all over the country through their unique blend of acoustic plot structures, bright electric imagery, poignant string motifs, and harmonic dialogues.

After putting down new artistic roots in Athens, GA in 2016, Oh Jeremiah are making a name for themselves as indie artists whose identity is found more in their quirky, short-film quality music videos than it is dictated by the turbulent tides of the music industry. The duo started out as two people who love each other and love their instruments, and that love keeps their songs and their message grounded without the need for a big break or a chart-topping hit. It's this middle ground between the starving artist and the next viral superstar that is allowing Oh Jeremiah to tell honest stories removed from the ego or the darkness that plague so many in the music industry.

This duo's experiences as musicians who are first and foremost life partners lend Oh, Jeremiah their most relatable stories and lighthearted sounds to date. Their songs want to help you find the joyful moments in life that you might be missing, and celebrate with you the ones you've found.