Andrew Duhon in Concert with Julie Odell!

Tickets can be ordered online via this link.

Andrew Duhon in Concert with Julie Odell!

Sunday - Mar 08, 2020 10:56AM

Tickets: $25

Andrew Duhon is a songwriter from New Orleans whose songs have earned him comparisons to John Prine and Jim Croce, while the powerful soul of his voice evokes a youthful Van Morrison. He has released four recordings, including his 2014 release, The Moorings, which was nominated for a Grammy award for Best Engineered Album. His latest album, False River is described by American Songwriter as fresh, innovative, and complicated in all the right ways. After several years honing and traveling as a solo performer, he now most often performs with a trio, a combination of upright bass, drums, and three-part harmonies that bring the sonic landscape of False River to life. Duhon is a fresh and honest take on the familiar traditions of the Americana songwriter.

Julie Odell began performing while still living in Ruston, LA in 2000. While in Ruston, Odell learned how to write on an old piano. Eventually, she moved to New Orleans, becoming a prominent figure in the local music and arts communities.

Specializing in the folk genre, Odells poetic and melodic style can be heard on her 2017 singles Cardinal Feather and Strange Endangered Bird. Her style has been described as dynamic, alternating between bombastic highs and subtle lows.