Pony Bradshaw

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Pony Bradshaw

Sunday - Oct 13, 2019 7:00PM

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James Bradshaw lives in North Georgia with his family, where he writes songs, tends the yard, and raises children. After a long stint of being unsettled he arrived home in the southern Appalachian mountains to do his life's work. A natural-born dissenter, he focuses on housekeeping with his wife and toils daily, chained to his desk, sweating out melody and story.

Pony, born James Bradshaw, moved around a lot as a kid. A military brat born in Mississippi, he logged time around the country. Raised in East Texas, today he's settled in North Georgia, and more than anywhere else he's ever been, its home. After the Air Force showed him the door at 21 years old, he drifted, until the music he found more than a decade later became his anchor.

NPR and others tapped Bradshaw as one to watch a couple of years ago. He has since taken his time, determined to accurately capture the art he'd only recently realized he was incubating.