Kate Kelly

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Kate Kelly

Friday - Oct 12, 2018 8:00PM

Tickets: $10

Singer-songwriter Kate Kelly uses her authentic lyrics and melodies as a vehicle for her expression of the human experience. Inspired by the emotional and honest writing of solo female artists such as Norah Jones, feist, Brandi Carlile, Laura Marling, and Joni mitchell—kate’s music takes listeners on a familiar yet unchartered journey, weaving her narrative through jazz, blues, and Americana styles.

In may 2016, Kate released her debut ep, New heartbeat. This first effort embodies the versatility of her songwriting, from the, lifted full band sound of the title track to the sparse melody and subtle undercurrent of “blind sailors.” New heartbeat is a culmination of Kate's musical journey, capturing imagery inspired by her roots on the gulf coast as well as her present home in Nashville.

On top of an increasingly diverse array of both solo and full-band promotional shows, kate has been working diligently to refine her artistic voice and to grow her musical repertoire in anticipation of a sophomore studio release.




Drew D'Oliviera

Drew is a Daphne, AL native living in Nashville, TN.